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Navin Buxani

“I love the constant support from brothers as well as the continuous opportunity to grow, whether it be through a directorship, a leadership opportunity, or other brothers.”


Nina Qin

“The long list of professional development was expected, but what I've found most valuable is how this organization is able to facilitate your personal growth as well. Leadership encompasses not just professionalism, but also character - and AKPsi has immensely improved mine through building self-awareness and self-trust. Now in my third-year at Georgia Tech, I have found lifelong friends through AKPsi and the perspective to lead a more meaningful career after I graduate.”


Sai Mada

“AKPsi provides an outlet for me to express my passions and not only express but educate and and pursue similar passions with other brothers. The brotherhood is so open to new experiences that when someone discovers a new passion that you introduce to them its a wonderful feeling.”


Jacob Thomas

“The collection of people that we have who are motivated not just on the professional level but also motivated to get to know you in a sense that you have a great, supportive family.”


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